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5 Unconventional Things to do with your Old Candles

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Candles are an essential part of self care, and a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. They are also great gifts for just about any occasion! However, there're also quite a number of useful and interesting candle hacks that you can try out, especially with candles you no longer use or are kept for too long. Here are some unconventional ways to reuse your old, unwanted candles. 


1. Fix a Squeaky Hinge. 

Rub some candle wax over the hinges until it stops making that annoying, ear piercing noise. This helps to ensure that the hinges of the door is well lubricated and should stop squeaking. Beside, it leaves your space smelling fresh too! This works for any other types of hinges. Simply reapply more candle wax if it starts to squeak again.


2. Use it as a Pincushion 

It is common to reuse candle jars or any jar after cleaning it out to store little trinkets and the like. Another way you can reuse them would be to use your finished candle as a pincushion! Make sure you leave about an inch of wax within the candle, and simply store your needles within the candle jar.  This saves your poor fingers from  pricking the needles by accident. The wax also helps the needle glide through the clothes smoothly, making sewing a breeze!


3. Increase the Life Expectancy of Shoelaces. 

Burn a candle and wait for a few minutes while the wax melts. Dip the frays at the end of the shoelaces into melted candle wax. This helps to prevent further fraying of your laces. Additionally, it makes it easier to thread the laces through the holes of the shoes.

P.S. Do note that the melted candle will be hot, so exercise great caution!


4. Prevent Tears when Cutting an Onion 


Burn a candle next to your kitchen counter before dicing the onion. The candle flame helps to burn the tear-inducing fumes that comes off the onion while it is being sliced. This trick works best with larger candles. At the same time, the candle gives off a nice smell while you do your kitchen chores!


5. Storing Knick Knacks

Clean out the insides of your old candle and keep the jar. These empty candle jars can come in handy when storing small items that go missing easily. Bobby pins, hair ties, coins; the sky is the limit!


Try out these little candle hacks at home, and we hope you'll find them useful!

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