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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Posted by Nicole Su on

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, festive shopping begins! Hush Candle has fuss-free and pocket-friendly gifts for just about everyone this season, comprising of all our best-selling products and inclusive of our brand new range of room sprays and roll-ons.

Hush Candle takes pride in being a local home fragrance brand where you can purchase high quality and all-natural products at a reasonable price. As our products are handmade in small batches with quality control at every step of the process, you can rest assured that the receiver of the candle will be receiving only the best!

Have a look at our specially curated gift sets below; we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something for your very special someone!


For the social butterfly busy jet-setting off from one party to another, Christmas can be chaotic – the good kind though. Nonetheless, rejuvenate your mind for a big night out with the refreshing and energizing properties of the Peppermint orange candle. The Awakening roll-on is perfect for occasions where you need an on-the-go perk-me-up.

Shop the Awakening set here


Known for its calming properties, Lavender is often the go-to scent for relaxation. Our Lavender candle is perfect for a relaxing night at home, tucked away in bed, with a cup of hot tea and a book in hand. The Calming Roll-on and Calming Room Spray also contain relaxing and soothing properties from Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Bergamot to calm, heal and rejuvenate.

Shop the Calming set here



Also known as the season of love, Christmas is a time for lovers to re-connect emotionally after a hectic year ahead. Set the ambience for a chill night at home with the romantic scent of our Rose Candle. The Detoxifying room spray is perfect for midnight drives with its sweet and tangy scent, reminiscent of young love. 

Shop the Detoxifying set here


For those out there who have yet to find a lifelong partner or are content and happy with being single, no worries, we have the perfect gift for you too! Our Lemongrass candle and Uplifting Roll-on embodies your strong spirit with their powerful citrusy scent. In addition, the Invigorating room-spray will brighten your mood with the iconic lemongrass essential oil scent, and help you channel confidence in your everyday life.

Shop the Uplifting set here


It is not uncommon for people to travel during the Christmas period, from journeying back home to their friends and family for Christmas, to go on a vacation. For individuals like these, our Detoxifying roll-on could help to ease motion-sickness with its floral, yet citrusy scent. We recommend the Calming Roll-on too as it contains soothing and de-stressing properties obtained from the Lavender and Ylang ylang essential oils. Throw in our newest addition to the roll-on product line; the Awakening Roll-on, to kickstart your day with its rejuvenating lemongrass properties.

Shop the Roll-on set here


For the enthusiasts who put up their Christmas trees in November, we recommend the Cinnamon Patchouli candle. Cinnamon has always been a Christmas staple, therefore, there’s no better way to kickstart the celebrations than to scent the air with the beloved cinnamon! Balance the festivities with an Awakening room-spray for when you need to take a breather from all the festive cheer. 


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