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Hush Candle – A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes!

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Always wondered what’s it’s like to be a local maker, or curious as to how we run our humble little company?
After nearly two years of building our brand and getting to know so many lovely, regular customers and friends (thank you for sticking around!), we would love to share snippets of how your favourite candle is made, and how we operate behind the scenes. Each and every candle is hand-poured with pride and passion in small batches, to ensure quality control at every step of the way.
When we are not running around settling errands, making candles, selling them at various events or at meetings, we are usually in the office working on everything else – from packing online orders, planning for the next production batch, working on business development, updating our website or planning our marketing collaterals. As we are only a two-woman team, it can get really crazy at times!
Making candles can be really relaxing and therapeutic – that is if we are not rushing against time to churn out a huge bulk order! Enjoy these shots that were taken of us working behind the scenes! ☺
Planning is always key. We start by writing down the number of units we will be making for each specific production batch, counting the amount of supplies required and checking if we’re running low in any materials.
Essential oils are carefully measured based on the number of units we are making for each specific scent. Each candle consists of only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils with no fragrance oils or synthetics added. This gives each Hush Candle product it’s raw, natural and authentic scent.
It may seem like an easy task, but working with all natural materials makes the process of candle making a little trickier. All our various candle scents require different and specific temperatures for the wax to be cooled to, before the essential oils get mixed in. This ensures an optimum scent throw when you burn our candles.
It may get messy at times, but I guess that’s part of the beauty of creating a product by hand ☺
Once the candle cools and hardens, the wick is trimmed and we finish it off by wiping off any excess wax on the jar, capping the candle and adding our sticker labels.
Candles are then kept on shelves, sorted by scent and size. This allows us to keep track of our stock easily and grab them quickly when necessary ☺
We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction on our candle making process. We always encourage and welcome questions from customers, aspiring makers and even fellow candle makers! Feel free to get in touch with us at hushcandle@gmail.com - we’d love to hear from you!


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