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Introducing Cinnamon Patchouli - the latest addition to our collection!

Posted by Hush Candle on

So, we wanted to come up with something a little different this time; something musky, soulful and warm. We imagine having a hot cup of tea in the comforts of your home, on a cold and rainy day. We were also inspired by the simple feelings of love and joy from family, friends and lovers.

Patchouli has always been a comforting and peaceful scent, and it paired perfectly with the warmth and spiciness of Cinnamon.

The Cinnamon Patchouli candle is a robust and hearty scent with strong hints of musk and spice, giving a relaxing, grounding feeling reminiscent of our favourite holiday season.

The warm, sweet and spicy cinnamon top notes helps to increase blood circulation, rendering it a great headache remedy and detoxifies the air, while the soothing undertones of Patchouli helps to drive away negative feelings such as sadness, loss and disappointment.

Another bonus? The aromatherapy benefits of Cinnamon essential oil helps to curb cravings, and it indirectly helps you to achieve your weight loss goal!

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