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Introducing Hush Little Baby!

Posted by Hush Candle on

Time seems to fly by really quickly, and we can’t believe it’s already October! 

Amidst our regular candle production and operations, we had been extremely busy working on a new range of limited edition candles in the last couple of months. After numerous rounds of brainstorming, countless late night experimenting (that are at times coupled with exasperation), we are incredibly excited to unveil our latest pet project, the Hush Little Baby candle!

Hush Little Baby is a limited edition Halloween Special we created that is only available in the month of October.

Instead of the regular candle in a jar, we created Hush Little Baby as a pillar candle, using a complex blend of soy wax and natural essential oils. Every single Hush Little Baby candle has been painstakingly made with pride and passion from a silicone mould we created.

The cool thing about Hush Little Baby? When burnt,  the wax will drip down the surface of the baby’s head, creating a super cool effect! It is the perfect juxtaposition of classy meets creepy, and we promise it will look great as a centrepiece for your home!


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