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Valentine’s Day Scented Botanical Tablet

Posted by Nicole Su on

Many of you have asked us if we will be adding our scented tablets to our regular retail line. While we have no plans to do that permanently due to the very tedious process of creating each tablet, we’ve heard you loud and clear, and we’d like to do something special for you this Valentine’s Day, simply because we love you guys so much!

Presenting our Valentine’s Day Scented Tablets! For a very limited time period, these extra special batch of scented tablets will be available either as an individual item purchased from our website (for the very first time ever!!), or as a gift with purchase.

These babies come infused with either Rose or Lavender essential oils, complete with a lovely gift box packaging.  They are also perfect for scenting a small space, such as a drawer, wardrobe or cupboard, while beautifying the space! Once the scent fades, you can always add a few drops of your own essential oils to the botanicals, prolonging its lifespan. Just remember to keep them out of direct sunlight and heat

Don’t forget that these scented tablets are only available while stocks last / till 14th February 2019 – whichever comes first. Check them out today!

Alternatively, spend a minimum of S$60, and you’ll receive a Valentine’s Day scented tablet of your choice.

Simply enter the promo codes, ROSE or LAVENDER prior to checking out.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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