Hush Candle

Candle & Sanitiser Festive Gift Box

$24 SGD

Send your well wishes this holiday season with a simple but delightful gift bundle, consisting of a complementary candle and hand sanitiser scent duos, gift wrapped in a limited edition festive gift box.

Each gift box consists of a 4oz candle and a 15ml hand sanitiser. Select from our classic or festive range of scent pairings

  • GINGERBREAD: Gingerbread Candle + Xmas Tree Sanitiser
  • MISTLETOE: Mistletoe Candle + Xmas Tree Sanitiser
  • XMAS TREE: Xmas Tree Candle + Xmas Tree Hand Sanitiser
  • LAVENDER: Lavender Candle + Lavender Bergamot Hand Sanitiser
  • GERANIUM: Geranium Candle + Geranium Lemon Hand Sanitiser
  • PEPPERMINT: Peppermint Orange Candle + Peppermint Orange Hand Sanitiser
  • PALO SANTO: Palo Santo Candle + Lavender Bergamot Hand Sanitiser
  • ROSEMARY BASIL: Rosemary Basil Candle+ Tea Tree Grapefruit Hand Sanitiser

* Complimentary festive gift cards are available upon request, limited to one card per gift set/ product only.  Simply leave us a note in the comment box at the 'cart out' page, located at the bottom left corner and we'll have them included for you.


This gift bundle contains:
1 small gift box
1 small candle
1 x 15ml hand sanitiser

Box dimensions:
Length 10cm
Width 10cm
Height 8.5cm

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