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Holiday Glow Bundle


Available only for a limited time period this festive season, the Holiday Glow Bundle is an affordable and fuss-free gift option that is perfect for any candle lover this Christmas.

Each bundle will consist of our top-selling Fir Balsam candle, a classic Hush favourite every festive period, as well as a selection of our top-selling candle scents in our fun-sized 2oz travel tins, packaged in an organic cotton zipper pouch that gets smoother and softer over time. Each candle burns for up to 15 hours.

Take your pick from these three options available:

  • Floral - Pink
    Lavender candle | Geranium candle | Fir Balsam candle
  • Woody - Brown
    Santal candle | Palo Santo candle | Fir Balsam candle
  • Fresh - Green
    Lemongrass Rosemary candle | Lavender candle | Fir Balsam candle

Size: 2oz
Volume: 60ml
Height: 2.5cm
Width: 6.5cm

Height: 12.5cm
Width: 18cm

This candle is made from natural soy wax, cotton-core wicks and a curated blend of pure essential oils and fine fragrances, ethically sourced from around the world and hand-blended in house in small, controlled batches.

2oz candles (burns for 12 hours) are meant for small areas such as your bedside table, toilet, or kitchen counter.

To ensure product quality and longevity, ensure that the candle’s wick is trimmed to ¼” before each new burn or once the candle has cooled. The wick should always be kept centred. Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar during each burn, before extinguishing the flame.

Follow our candle care tips for more information.

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