Simple ways to turn your home into a happy place you'll want to return to every day

We all want to return home to a welcoming space where you can unwind after a gruelling day at the office.

However, sometime when clutter accumulates, the space gets less than welcoming.

Here are five ways you can improve your home environment so that you actually look forward to returning home after a hard day at work.


Viral organising consultant Marie Kondo comes to mind when we think about organising spaces.

Her straightforward method pretty much boils down to removing anything that does not ‘spark joy’ and it’s not an unfounded concept; research has established that more clutter at home tends to leads to greater stress.

Do it like Kondo; tidy your spaces by categories (clothes, knick-knacks, sentimental items) and only keep what speaks to your heart. Discard anything that no longer sparks joy because they will not contribute to your happiness anymore.

This philosophy encourages introspection and mindfulness, which can help you to better connect with yourself.

If it feels too brutal to get rid of so many belongings, you can start smaller by clearing your home of the things that you haven’t touched for a long time (and likely won’t in the future), or tackling your hoard of unnecessary items - perhaps you have been accumulating more eyeshadow palettes than you can use and they’re still in pristine conditions.

You could give them away, or resell unused products. 


What colour your walls are painted might not seem to matter, but it can actually affect your mood.

The colour of your surroundings can psychologically impact you, evoking emotions like happiness, sadness and excitement.

In fact, research by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam revealed that green, followed by yellow, tend to be associated with happiness.

It doesn’t stop at colours - even the choice of furniture in a room can make or break the atmosphere.

Curved shapes tend to feel more comforting and inviting as compared to pointy edges; so you could incorporate organic shapes like a circular rug or opt for a coffee table with rounded edges.

Don’t let the minimalism trend cramp your style, because displaying trinkets and items that showcase your personality can go a long way in making you feel comfortable and happy at home. 


What relaxing looks like differs from person to person - be it curling up with a book in your favourite armchair or taking a soothing soak in your bath, what matters is that you have ‘me-time’ to recharge after an exhausting day.

If you find it hard to disconnect from work stress, try setting aside a private, happy space where you leave your worries at the doorstep and simply take time to unwind.

Take it a step further by filling it with things you love, or find comfort in. You could add a plush pillow to your armchair, or stock your bathroom with your favourite bath bombs and candles.

Surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy is a surefire way to lift your mood.


Often overlooked, scents can have a significant impact on your emotions and wellbeing.

A scent is closely linked to memories. The right scent can call up your happiest moments and be a comforting blanket around your shoulders when you feel frazzled and upset. It’s the finishing touch to a happy home that can elevate the positive atmosphere you’ve created.

For example, this Peppermint Orange Essential Oil candle from Hush Candle has a refreshing scent that could give your mood a positive boost.

If you're feeling stressed before bed, lighting a soothing Lavender Essential Oil candle should do the trick - it’s so relaxing that you can't help but drift off into a restful slumber.

Not a fan of candles? Room sprays are a quick and fuss-free alternative.

Try the Detoxifying Essential Oil room spray from Hush Candle with a refreshing floral blend of geranium, grapefruit and orange essential oils.

Hush Candle combines therapeutic grade essential oils with 100% natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals intruding your happy space.


Inject life and vitality into your home with potted plants.

Some days can be hectic, leaving no time to interact with nature between rushing to work and trudging home for rest, but that can affect your wellbeing as connecting with nature is scientifically proven to improve one’s health and happiness.

A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to forgo your regular doses of nature though; all you have to do is bring nature into your living spaces by strategically decorating your home with plants.

For an eco-friendly touch, you can reuse the Hush Candle candle jars as plant pots. Housing indoor plants in candle jars gives them a rustic vibe that will help them to slot effortlessly into your home.

The splash of green is also a welcome pop of colour that doubles as something relaxing to look at after a long day of working with screens.

And while you are considering these green ideas, find out which indoor plants are the easiest to maintain cos' you'll want to get plants that last. 

This article was first published in Her World Online.


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