At Hush, we are dedicated to delivering high quality products in a sustainable and socially responsible way for our customers and community. In our bid to increase our efforts in sustainability and waste reduction, we’re introducing the Hush R&R–Our New Refill and Recycle Programme. This programme serves to encourage and educate our customers on proper recycling methods while providing an option for any jar/vessel to be upcycled as a fresh candle, giving it a new lease of life.


Recycle your used jar

We now accept your used candle jars received in good condition to be recycled. For each glass jar recycled or refilled, earn 20 points in your Hush Member account that can be accumulated and redeemed for vouchers on our web store. Simply fill up this form and book a drop-off date.

Refill any empty jar

Done with your previous candle and can’t bear to discard the jar completely? Opt to upcycle any empty jar / vessel by having us refill it as a candle for you. Yes, we do accept candle jars that are not purchased from us too! Charged based on the volume capacity of your jar, refilling rates are $14 per 100ml of candle wax.


How does it work?

  1. Ensure the jar is clean and completely empty. 
  2. Fill up this form and book a drop-off date.
  3. Drop off your jars at our studio.
  4. Wait for a confirmation within 2 working days.

How to prep your empty jars?

Did you know? Recyclables have to be cleaned and sorted before they are deemed suitable at a materials recovery facility. In recent years, as much as 40% of recyclables collected end up as incinerated waste as they are contaminated or not sorted correctly. Here are some tips if you’d like to play your part in recycling your empty candle jars the right way!

Having trouble with the wax? Try the freezer method.

Thank you for doing your part for our planet!