This is an essential oil blending and candle making workshop. All participants will be provided with a range of 15-18 seasonal essential oils to work with. We will start off the workshop with a brief introduction to aromatherapy, the benefits of essential oils and scent sampling. Participants will then work on scent blending, creating their own unique essential oil blends. This is followed by candle making, where participants will create their very own soy candles scented with the essential oil blends they have created.

The total duration of the workshop varies from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Number of participants: Minimum 3, maximum 10


$100 per pax for a group of 7-8 participants. Each participant creates 4 units of candles.
$150 per pax for a group of 4-6 participants. Each participant creates 6 units of candles.
$200 per pax for a group of 3 participants. Each participant creates 8 units of candles.

*Small/ 4oz candle = 1 unit. Large/8oz candle = 2 units

*If you wish to have the workshop conducted at an off-site venue, an additional charge of $200 is required to cover our transportation and logistics


To book a private workshop session, kindly fill up the enquiry form below, stating the number of participants, as well as the time and date you have in mind. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Once the details have been finalised, we will hold a reservation for your preferred date and time for three working days. Full payment is required prior to the session in order to secure your slot.