Hush Candle

Awaken Reed Diffuser

$35 SGD
A cool, herbaceous scent with fresh, camphorous notes of citrus and mint. Revitalise the senses and enhance mental alertness with this blend of Rosemary, Lemon and Peppermint. It also aids in alleviating headaches and clearing the respiratory tract.

Each reed diffuser lasts for approximately three months and comes with an external box packaging and a set of premium fibre reeds. 

Hand-blended and crafted in Singapore.

Size: 150ml

Reed Diffuser measurements
Size: 150ml/ 5 Fl. Oz.
Height: 12cm
Width: 5cm

Box Packaging measurements
Length: 6.5 cm
Height: 23 cm

Each reed diffuser contains Ethanol, Dipropylene Glycol, Water, Pure Essential Oils and Premium Fragrances 

Do not burn. Do not use reed diffuser solution for humidifiers or aromatherapy diffusers/ burners. Do not consume. Keep away from children and pets.

Insert fibre reeds into bottle and flip as required to refresh the scent. Insert or remove reeds based on the desired scent throw. Keep away form direct sunlight and other heat sources to prevent reeds from drying out.

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