Hush Candle


$28 SGD

Crafted with boutique ceramic studio Kapuuut, The Cove Collection features one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces paired with Hush's signature fragrances to bring a touch of nature and tranquility to your living space.

The KAKI incense holder pairs perfectly with our aromatic incense sticks, and functions well as a holder for wood and smudge sticks too. KAKI (Oyster in Japanese) features irregular dents inspired by the organic curves of an oyster shell.

Select from two colour options:
Pearl (Pearly white) 
Stone (Dark grey) 

Purchase together with our Hinoki aromatic incense to enjoy $2 off.

*As each piece in this collection is handcrafted, note that each piece is unique and slightly different
*No two pieces are identical, and the piece you receive may differ slightly from the above listing


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