A handy guide to aromatherapy in Singapore

Research has shown that aromatherapy helps relieve stress, uplift moods and improve sleep – and it's not hard to start incorporating it into your daily routine. Light up a scented candle or blend some essential oils, it makes perfect scents that good smells make you feel good. Release all that tension by checking out the benefits of each scent as well as the best brands to shop when it comes to aromatherapy in Singapore. 

Hush Candle

Artificial scents and chemical wax-based candles are a thing of the past. Made with natural soy wax, infused with aromatherapy essential oils, Hush Candle's products are made in small batches to ensure consistent quality and lower cost, making it more affordable for customers. It currently carries nine scents such as peppermint orange and sandalwood nutmeg, that comes in two sizes: 120ml ($18) and 240ml ($32). Hush has also branched out into offering complementary essential oil-related products such as essential oil roll-ons and room sprays. Hush Candle is stocked at Naiise outlets island-wide and various other outlets.


This article was first published in TimeOut.

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