A Hush x Kapuuut Collaboration

Meet the artist and discover the inspiration behind The Cove Collection

As a homegrown, independent brand, we couldn't be more excited to collaborate with homegrown ceramic studio Kapuuut on The Cove Collection. Inspired by the gentle shapes of mollusks and the calming rhythm of waves, each piece from this capsule collection is designed to bring a touch of nature and tranquility into your living space. Find out more about the artist behind Kapuuut, her inspiration behind this special collection and her thoughts on what makes a home special.

The Inspiration
"Ever picked seashells while strolling on the beach with wind in your hair, sand at your feet and no one to answer to? That’s the mood I'd like to translate for the Cove Collection - relaxing, calming, and uninterrupted."
Dara - Ceramist, Kapuuut

Dara shared more about her inspiration behind The Cove Collection and how it helps to slow down and see the little things.

“I enjoy creating organic forms the most because there are always interesting details that surface. The collection’s ceramic wares are all named after shells because the lifecycle of every shell comes with a story which can sometimes go unnoticed. With shells, It isn’t just the form that intrigued me but also the infinite colours and hues that they come in.

Oysters for example, are particularly special to me. The idea of a piece of dirt becoming an exquisite pearl made me see how shells are the underbelly of the ocean's mysteries. Imagine the iridescent nacre inside a shell and all the secrets they hold; I wanted this collection to reflect the same sense of enigma."

This led her to explore the creation of vessels in irregular shapes, textures and colours, inspired by the form of shells and mollusks. Her favourite piece in this collection is an incense dish called KAKI, which means oyster in Japanese. Kaki mimics the playful curves of an oyster and she loves that it can be a conversation starter when displayed in a home.

KAKI - Dara's favourite piece from the collection

“The intention with this collection was to lift the mood of picking seashells by the beach; to enjoy life’s small joys. The Cove collection couldn’t have come together so harmoniously if it weren’t paired with Hush’s wide collection of calming and regenerative scents. In today’s busy routines, I can’t stress how crucial it is to make time for self care. If a two minute habit of lighting an incense or setting affirmations can be done daily, it can go a long way to set the mood."

Close up details of the varying colours and forms - it's hard to capture the beauty and iridescence of these vessels on camera.

The Cove Collection consists of candle vessels filled in signature Hush scents, and incense holders that pair perfectly with any incense, wood or smudge sticks. They have also been crafted with functionality and repurposing in mind to bring beauty and joy in your homes for a long time to come.

Meet Dara

Dara is a ceramicist and UX designer who combined her two loves; craft and functionality. Working from a cosy home studio, she transforms clay into everyday knick-knacks that add a touch of whimsy to any space through her brand, Kapuuut, which focuses on celebrating imperfections as marks of character. Each handmade ware from Kapuuut exudes its own quirky charm and distinct personality.

What makes a home special?
The two key factors of what makes a home different from other homes are Character and Mood.

When it comes to home decor, curating pieces that exude your personality; things that represent who you are will go a long way in creating a unique space. I don’t believe in replicating a moodboard piece from Pinterest 1-for-1 because that is someone else’s personality recreated in a different place.

Setting the mood is just as important. Same home, different vibes; This can differ based on how you adjust lighting, sounds, smells. I highly depend on my senses to set the mood, putting on the right music, or diffusing the right scents by burning different candles and incense for different days. Adjusting a scent can easily transport me from a spa in Bali to a refreshing pine forest in Scandinavia. The mood in my home is always shifting based on where I feel like being.

Though with building a home, I strongly believe it isn’t a race to the finish line, but a slow collection of memories that make a home truly unique over the years. “

Limited pieces from the Hush x Kapuuut collection is now available on our website for purchase. We hope they’ll bring you joy and respite in your daily rituals for a long time to come.

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