Introducing Hush 2.0, a brand new look!

Hi there!

We’re excited to introduce our first major brand refresh initiative, Hush 2.0! Having been around for over half a decade, we see the need to innovate, evolve and grow with you. By updating our look and introducing a brand new range, we hope to keep our brand fresh and exciting for you, while maintaining our mission of keeping prices low without compromising the quality of our products.

The new brand logo features a softer, sleeker and more emotive design, while retaining our brand’s signature monochromatic theme, drawing focus on our emphasis on simple, accessible and fuss-free products.

In line with the brand refresh, a new website, featuring a cleaner and revamped layout is now live. Look forward to a new and exciting e-commerce journey from start to finish, upon receiving your orders in a brand new unboxing experience!

Last but not least, look forward to a range of new and updated scent offerings in our core product range of all natural, essential oil based soy candles, featuring a total of four new candle scents; Bergamot Clary Sage, Lemongrass Rosemary, Rose Nutmeg and Ylang Ylang Clove.

We hope you love our new look and new scents as much as we do!

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