Presenting our 2021 Holiday Collection

’Tis almost the season! Our Holiday 2021 Collection, which we’ve spent months working on, is now available exclusively on our web store. This year, we’ve launched a full collection of festive scents that are inspired by the simple pleasures of all the things we love about Christmas.

What to Expect…

A trio of festive scents - XMAS TREE, GINGER BREAD and FRUIT CAKE. All these scents are available in 4oz and 8oz candles, with XMAS TREE available as a 50ml room spray too.

A fresh, woodsy and balsamic scent created from a harmonious blend of Fir Balsam and Siberian Fir essential oils. It smells exactly like a freshly cut Christmas tree!

A cosy, comforting scent that’ll leave you longing for more! Indulge in a decadent blend of festive spices, including Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon, Nutmeg and more.

Delicious, toasty and fruity, reminiscent of a traditional Christmas dessert! Get in the holiday mood with this cheery blend of juicy citrus and dark berries, with hints of spice and musk.

Limited Edition Gift Boxes
We’ve also given our classic gift boxes a little makeover with the introduction of fun festive colours, just to spread a little holiday cheer. There’s a little surprise design when you open these boxes, inspired by our love for candy canes and holiday treats. Unboxing our festive gift sets will truly be a delightful treat for your loved ones this season. Look forward to a wider range of gift bundles in our Holiday Collection - there’s definitely something for everyone!

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